The archipelago of the Maldives, unlike for example Seychelles consists of over 1,000 islands grouped in the so-called atolls, which is a group of islands in the shape of a ring surrounding a shallow lagoon. Maldives are located south of India, almost in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

The capital city of Male, situated on a small island of the same name. The population of the entire state has about 300 thousand citizens who live only on the 1/5 of the islands and the rest are uninhabited. Maldives and Seychelles next are considered the most beautiful islands in the world. There are many small coral islands, covered with tropical forest which built an exclusive tourist resorts, many of which are groupings of villa lying amid palm groves, directly on the sandy beach.

The villas are luxuriously furnished and guests can choose from among the many forms of leisure activities or simply sunbathe on the beach surrounded by the turquoise waters of the ocean. Around most of the islands are fantastic colorful coral reefs, which are next to the Red Sea and the Great Barrier Reef in the Pacific Ocean one of the best places to dive in the world.


The climate is tropical, which guarantees a constant, moderately high temperature 24-30 ° C throughout the year. In the period from December to May last dry season and the sun shines all the time. Fall is a peak tourist season. April and October are the months especially good for people who want to go diving because of the utmost clarity of water.


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