Eva Klejmova

Story told by Eva Klejmova, Owner J&T Concierge
When I was only 9-years-old, I purchased a train ticket and went to visit the nearest big town to where I lived. I felt independent and it was very exciting. Once there, I wandered the streets all alone in bewilderment, and then quickly returned home, early that afternoon, before my parents found out what I had done. Luckily I lived in very safe country called Czechoslovakia. At that time the country was under communist rule, very safe, but its citizens were only allowed to visit countries like Hungary, Romania, or Yugoslavia. Things changed quickly with onset of the Velvet Revolution and at the age of fourteen, I went off to boarding school to study art and jewelry design. At boarding school we had much more liberty and we were free to travel with our teachers. Together we travelled throughout Italy, Belgium and even went to England. With friends, I also hitchhiked thru Austria, visited Germany, Greece, and of course began to travel extensively around the Czech Republic, our new independent nation. There was just too much in one lifetime to discover.

Upon graduation I enrolled in the University to become a teacher of Art and after my 1st year, I negotiated my way to Taiwan to continue my studies in Asia. I travelled across Taiwan, trekked thru Thailand, Malaysia and Bali, journeyed to the Pescadores, visited Hong Kong, and all the while working on a diploma in Chinese Art. To earn a little pocket money, I began to organize trips for Taiwanese businessmen to visit the Czech Republic. In the end, I stayed 4 years in Taiwan. From Asia I went on to London where I began to work in the movie industry meeting various celebrities and film stars, only later to open a promotional and events agency and even started organizing Indian weddings. It was a wonderful experience and I learned much about Indian food and culture. With the promotional business I was afforded the opportunity to travel with many of my clients across the UK and Europe, each time attending more and more luxurious events.

With this vast expertise I was later hired by a private bank to create a concierge and travel service to support the wishes from only the wealthiest of their clients. I spent 180 day a year travelling around the globe gathering a portfolio of ultra-luxury hotels, exotic destinations, and exciting life-changing experiences few have ever experienced before. I was often taken onboard the owners yacht or flown on their private jet, to help me to understand the lifestyle of a luxury client. I began to sense how a client might think and understood quickly, their desire for luxury. It was a life-enriching experience which helped me to create the perfect product for our well-travelled ultra-luxury clients and their mindset for detail.

The gamut: from top-luxury hotels to remote home-stays; holistic hideaways; Ajurvedic retreats; sacred lands in the Americas and safari lodges in Africa; ashrams; national parks; hot-air balloons; boats; yachts; and even camp sites. Many of our clients owned their own private jets and had the ability to reach even the most remote destinations. We worked tirelessly to create only the most amazing journeys with these incredible itineraries. We were one of the first to sell sub-orbital flights with Virgin Galactic. Creating J&T Concierge Monaco was just another step in this direction.

We at J&T Concierge believe that authenticity is becoming rarer and rarer, much like a precious commodity, so providing authentic experiences is what we aim to do. We offer bespoke travel services in the most unique and exotic places on earth, joined with ultra-luxury stays, and combined with life-changing experiences. We understand that this “experiential” travel may come in a different form for different people. Some climb mountains for the sense of personal achievement and to form a connection with nature, while others access a similar connection through solitary meditation in a peaceful place of beauty. But all experiential travelers seem to seek meaning and understanding in themselves and the world around them through engaging journeys. They relish the memories of those experiences that may change their life or their perception forever.

Our Travel Specialists have years of know-how in booking the best flight options and accommodation, and of fulfilling essential but tricky visa arrangements, to create unforgettable and adventurous journeys for our clients. You may be looking to book a weekend getaway for two, a vacation with the family, a high-powered business conference or a full-blown ultra-luxury holiday; our in-house team has just the right combination for you.