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Seychelles is a country created the archipelago made up of more than 100 mostly coral islands that lie in the eastern part of the Indian Ocean. Capital of the country - Victoria is situated on the island of Mahe and sas 35 000 residents and the entire republic has approx. 75 thousand people. Although high income residents brings cultivation and export of tea and coconuts, islands are known throughout the world primarily as one of the most pleasant places for relax.



Sultanate of Oman is in the south-eastern shore of the Arabian Peninsula washed by the waters of the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman. Oman desert sands adjacent to the Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. With his many centuries of turbulent history of these lands, which are home to nearly three and a half million people, finally united under the rule of Sultan Qaboos absolute Said ibn As-Said at the beginning of the seventies of the twentieth century.



Mauritius is a country located on the island of the same name and several smaller in the south-eastern part of the Indian Ocean. The capital is Port Louis with approx. 145 thousand residents. The whole country has more than one million citizens. Since its discovery in the sixteenth century, many ethnic groups settled in Mauritius, so now the population of the island is a kind of cultural mixture, which is dominated by Africans, Indians, Europeans and Chinese. From 1810 until 1968 Mauritius was a British colony, then under the British Commonwealth gained independence.



This charming country full of amazing views of contrasting colors has an alluring mixture of smells of spices and  architecturally interesting cities, which after a walk encourage a moment of rest over a glass of hot mint tea. Morocco is one of the Maghreb, which lies partly in the Mediterranean, but in most of the Atlantic Ocean. Running through the country Atlas mountain range is the dominant element of the Moroccan landscape.



The archipelago of the Maldives, unlike for example Seychelles consists of over 1,000 islands grouped in the so-called atolls, which is a group of islands in the shape of a ring surrounding a shallow lagoon. Maldives are located south of India, almost in the middle of the Indian Ocean.



Israel is a country of immense natural beauty, world-class culture, unbeatable history, and amazing people. Here are the reasons why you should visit Israel.


Jerusalem is the city for religion




Egypt is a paradise for lovers of blissful rest in the shade of palm trees, as well as the real adventurers and ancient secrets. This former land of the pharaons for centuries attracted fascinating stories about the ancient civilization that left a breathtaking pyramids and tombs, mummies intriguing, mysterious hieroglyphics and unusual mythology. Although the majority (about 90%) of the surface of the country is desert, it is the longest river in Egypt flows in the world, with one of the largest deltas, and is one of the largest man-made water reservoirs - Lake Nasser.



UAE is endless possibility! For most people, the United Arab Emirates means just one place: Dubai, the sci-fi-esque city of iconic skyscrapers, palm-shaped islands, city-sized malls, indoor ski slopes and palatial beach resorts. But beyond the glitter awaits a diverse mosaic of six more emirates, each with its own character and allure.