Mauritius is a country located on the island of the same name and several smaller in the south-eastern part of the Indian Ocean. The capital is Port Louis with approx. 145 thousand residents. The whole country has more than one million citizens. Since its discovery in the sixteenth century, many ethnic groups settled in Mauritius, so now the population of the island is a kind of cultural mixture, which is dominated by Africans, Indians, Europeans and Chinese. From 1810 until 1968 Mauritius was a British colony, then under the British Commonwealth gained independence. Finally, in 1992, became a republic.


Most of the island's tropical forest cover and the cultivation of sugar cane and tea exports Mauritius which derives a large part of the national income. A separate sector of the economy is tourism. The authorities, anxious to avoid a massive influx of travelers to a small state, which will reduce its attractiveness, carefully inspect it. Thanks to this, as well as the beautiful, unspoilt landscapes of the island of civilization and a considerable distance from Europe and America, it is one of the main points on the map exclusive tourism. Contributes to the development of tourism is also hot, subtropical climate, with an average air temperature of 23 - 30 ° C, and the water above 20 ° C.


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