Botswana - Heli-Safari - 9 Days


Day 1 - 4. Safari starts at the airport in Johannesburg (South Africa). The first stop of the helicopter, after more than a hour flight, is the capital of Botswana - Gaborone. After settling all legal formalities, the flight continues to the town of Maun. Most of the route runs over vast areas of the Kalahari Desert, where a bird's eye can see eland, springboki, gemsboki and ostrorogi. From Maun helicopter flies directly in the heart of the Okavango Delta - huge backwaters, canals, lagoons and islands were created by the mass of water that flooded every year in this desert place. The first lodge'm, where guests spend three nights, the Tubu Tree. It is located in a nature reserve Jao - the area of ​​the area. 60 000 hectares in the Okavango Delta, and borders the Moremi animal sanctuary. It consists of a traditional safari tents, built on wooden platforms. Each tent is comfortably equipped with, among others, in the bathroom. Private tents erected next to the dining room with lounge and pub. Guests have the opportunity to explore the area and watch the animals up close during the day and night trips by car or walking guides. If the water level is high enough, there are local boats mokoro rides on wetlands. Among the large animals, most often one can see elephants, lions, zebras, giraffes, kudu, impala and leopards. Day 5 - 7. Depart to the next camp on the plain Duba. Lodge was built in a grove of acacia and figs, on a plateau. During the time of stroke turns into the island. Each of the 6 tents has its own bathroom and a veranda, where you can watch the countryside. The camp also includes a dining room, a pub and a swimming pool. The area is known primarily from the accumulation of buffalo herds here and not hunting lions. The life of both the animal was once based in these surroundings by a team of National Geographic. Also makes a great impression huge amount and variety of local aquatic birds. Guests can explore the area by car, on foot and by boat, if a sufficiently high level of water allows it. Tours take place both day and night. Day 8 and 9. Depart camp Jack's Camp. The trip takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. This classic desert encampment is located in the Kalahari desert, on the edge of the world's largest salt flats Makgadikgadi. It consists of 8 luxury tents with private bathrooms and external showers for those who like to swim under the stars. In separate tents, a dining area and living room features a Persian carpet, where afternoon tea is drunk. Depending on the period of the year and the amount of precipitation can see up close the animals typical of the savannah or desert. Explore the area by car or on foot with guides from the tribe of Bushmen, including oprowadzającymi guests the places where the historical grow baobabs, remembering the times Traveler expeditions Livingstone and Selous. During the dry winter months you can go on a trip quad after solniskach. More attractive return trip helicopter landing on Kubu Island, where there is the greatest concentration of baobab trees in the whole of southern Africa. The next stop is provided in Francistown, where they are dealt with the formalities of crossing the border. After further, more than two-hour flight, the helicopter landed at the airport in Johannesburg. Do you like this destination? For more detailed information please contact us using the contact form or call +377 97 97 43 78. Our travel consultants will be pleased to provide you with our recommendations.