St. Barth


St. Barth is an island sunny days and exceptionally beautiful nature. There is no rainy season, there is a year-round perfect weather and pleasant temperatures. The air is fresh, and the sea is crystal clear. The charm of this tropical paradise has long attracted famous, so after arriving on the island you can see many familiar faces in the world of entertainment.

In various parts of the island is located 150 beautiful villas that we offer as a place of unforgettable vacation. Are directed towards the various parties in the world, and each offers unique charm of its location, so choose, you can place customized to your liking. North offers a pleasant chill - you can enjoy the sun by the pool, and hide from its rays in the shade of the terrace; Such location houses the most appreciated permanent residents. The villas facing south, mostly sheltered from the wind, provide more sunshine hours and are a great place for those seeking the sun. Windswept east will like longing for the sea breezes and romantic sunrises in the morning rays will be able to sunbathe. Returned west villas offer magical views of the sunset, although they will hide it in the sea depths, will flood the warm rays of the sun terrace and lounge.