Seychelles is a country created the archipelago made up of more than 100 mostly coral islands that lie in the eastern part of the Indian Ocean. Capital of the country - Victoria is situated on the island of Mahe and sas 35 000 residents and the entire republic has approx. 75 thousand people. Although high income residents brings cultivation and export of tea and coconuts, islands are known throughout the world primarily as one of the most pleasant places for relax.

The local equatorial climate is pleasant with temperature around 26 - 27 ° C whole year, which makes is mildest in the world. The rainy season falls in the period from December to May, the rest of the year the weather is perfect. Next to sensational climate, an incentive for tourists from all over the world is the unique beauty of the islands. Sandy beaches (the main island of Mahe has about 70 beaches) and rich tropical vegetation. The local tourist base corresponds to the most sophisticated tastes. You can find first class hotels and well as ultra-luxury villas for the most affluent customers.


The warm waters of the Indian Ocean is the perfect place for water sports and diving near the fabulously colorful reefs. Those who appreciate above all peace and quiet, here you will find the best conditions for calm rest in paradise setting, sunbathing on the white sand beach under palm trees or enjoy a relaxing treatment at the SPA.


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