This charming country full of amazing views of contrasting colors has an alluring mixture of smells of spices and  architecturally interesting cities, which after a walk encourage a moment of rest over a glass of hot mint tea. Morocco is one of the Maghreb, which lies partly in the Mediterranean, but in most of the Atlantic Ocean. Running through the country Atlas mountain range is the dominant element of the Moroccan landscape. Berbers living in mountains have made a major contribution - primarily through the traditional couscous and tagine - very diverse Moroccan cuisine, which enjoys great popularity recently in Europe. Moroccan cuisine, where you can also find inspiration influences of Spanish, French, Moorish and Middle East, combines the flavors of salty and sweet, abounding in citrus fruits, which are one of the main crop, and deliciously seasoned, but surprisingly mild fish dishes, lamb and poultry. Although the kingdom of Islam, the Moroccan lowlands bloom vineyards, producing many fine wines.

Unusual landscapes of Morocco can often be seen in the films, the filmmakers as they loved themselves pick the country for the shoot. Among the many images you can even replace the famous "Lawrence of Arabia", "Alexander" by Oliver Stone and "Gladiator" and "Kingdom of Heaven" Ridley Scott. Perhaps many tourists also wished to go on a romantic trip to this country under the influence of "Casablanca", which is one of the most famous love stories in the history of cinema.

Casablanca, Morocco's largest city and the biggest port of North Africa, is now a vibrant and modern city - but invariably attracts a wealth of monuments, overlooked greenish huge minaret of the mosque Hassan II, rising beautifully on the edge of the cliff. Lying also oceanfront Rabat is the capital of the state and also the seat of government and King Mohammed VI. As the residence of the monarchs city is included in the account of the former headquarters of the royal dynasty of the next, forming a so-called "four royal city". A bit more inland are the next two royal city Fez, considered to be the oldest of the cities and mainstay of the past, and nearby, the historic and popular visitor Meknes. Heading south, it is necessary to visit the last of the royal cities - Marrakech, the former center of the caravan, the enchanting fairy today its almost oriental atmosphere. Exciting adventure trip to the stunning monuments splendor of Morocco may end or start in Agadir, the most famous resort of the country, where for 300 days a year of sunshine.


Currency: Moroccan Dirham (MAD).


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